Really? huh..

Understand that i classify fucking, having sex, and making love as three different things.  But still all as sex.

Girls really say “I love you” during sex?

I never have…I mean sometimes I think about how much I love(d) so and so, when I think about how sensual it was when we had sex…for me anyway.  I never have made love.  But it never crosses my mind to say “I love you” when I have sex…maybe it’s different when you make love and the feelings are mutual?  I of course thought I was making love at the time, but I can analyze now that I wasn’t.  He wasn’t even in love with me, and he’d only loved me because we had basically grown up together.  It wasn’t nearly what I expect of making love.  Anywho, when things are sensual, my body talks and I need not say anything.  On the other hand, when fucking, much dirty talk and moaning screaming and such is necessary.



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