Ugh why is this the medium of every debate in this generation

response to another blog

It's just like the words bitch or (sometimes) gay bc the whole relating its concrete meaning to people was ORIGINALLY supposed to be negative...i don't say gay bc idk it's just not a part of my vocabulary i only define it as homosexual and even saying it meaning happy is odd to me. :p i do say bitch but i say it positively and negatively. like i'll call my loved buddies bitch n shit but it's casual and neutral. i'll also say it if i'm cursing somebody out JUST because it sounds good...i'm not thinking about a female dog. and when i say nigga (which i say often) i'm not thinking about a slave that eats from the slob bucket...i don't even use it with just black people nor do i even think about the definition as a black (male) person when i use it anymore. it's just a name for people that are on the same level as me. meaning that i don't respect them as much as i do elders, or sugar coat things like i do to minors...i'm just casual with them and i don't monitor my speaking. but yeah...i mean the people i use it with understand where i'm coming from so i don't see why I personally have to stop...even taking the word's history into consideration. but if a friend is uncomfortable with me using it, i won't use it around them. but it would be awkward, bc i'm going back to monitoring my speech.

Why do I babble so much.



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