I’m just the weirdest of the weird

why is my generation so ridiculous

You know how everybody puts their s/o on blast on social networking sites and such? And the background on they phone, and just everything about them is infested with their s/o? I’m not like that. And it’s normally girls. I mean the most I would do close to that, is comment my bf’s pict on myspace and call him baby or something. I’m just not public with relationships. It’s not that I wanna appear single, but I’m not defined by my relationship status, though it is a huge part of my life. I mean I will tell a dude who’s coming on strong in a second that he should know I have a boyfriend, but I won’t just talk about my boyfriend unnecessarily 24/7.

In general, I mention my friends and their shared experiences a lot in conversation with other friends. So, being that my boyfriend is one of my closest friends, I mention things in conversation that will relate to him or something he said or did, you know? I won’t just sit there and say “Guess what he said to me” and shit like that because first off: that’s rude & selfish in a conversation, second off: no one really cares but me and my darling, which leads to third off: all of that stuff is intimate. It is between me and hubby and it should stay that way until idk our wedding vows lol. But see what I mean? You don’t ramble about that shit until you invite people to come celebrate your guy’s love. This reminds me of how I don't scream and tell everyone to visit my blog and read and comment and such. I'm a private intimate person; I wouldn't ever strongly urge someone to listen to my personal feelings. Maybe it's because i get enough attention as it is?  Idk, I just thought it was kind of similar. Sometimes i do hold back on being like (or plastering on my page) "Gerald said the most adorable thing..." or "Gerald said he loves me this much..." etc. because i know that it's just rubbing my love in other people's faces (that's rude) and it's not that big of a deal to other people; plus they won't understand our love anyway. But also, it’s just not in me to have him as the sun of my earth, publicly anyway. Even though I DO constantly think about him. But he’s in MY mind and after all, he is MINE so why do I have to show our relationship to everyone? (When MOST of the time the deep shit bitches be writing ain't true even if it is what the bf says...it's just what they want or be imagining.) That’s a waste of energy when I could put it towards directly appreciating him.

When girls do that, people automatically think of them in a certain way. And I damn sho don’t want nobody doing that to me. Gerald is extremely important I mean he is a massive part of my life…but he doesn’t define me nor is he the only thing to me.



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