This Post Made Me Lol
I like the song though.


Well Damn.


Fuck Wiz Khalifa

I know, like really late and everything but Rolling Papers is the name of Domo Genesis's mixtape and even though I've only heard about 4 songs from there, I respect that nigga more than I do Wiz and this actually pisses me off.  I will still get crunk when Taylor Gang comes on, but I don't like Wiz anymore.  I never particularly liked him because he's like a pancake, but yeah.  I can't decide if he has that Waka swag or that old Snoop swag because I see him as something of a cross between the two.  Get your shit together.


Fuck Shool

Is This Real?

Even if it isn't, I rofl'd.


I feel like it's pretty dumb when people ask "Where did you come up with that?" Haven't you ever had an idea that came from nowhere?  You can't begin to explain it?  If not, wow.  Who let you on my page?  Hurt them.


Really, Though?

How does this even work?



(: I got life!


This Was Disgusting.

I like to get crunk to some dumb excuses for music every now and again (everyday), but this was  Eff Young Money.


Very Cute

I thought maybe you all could appreciate this.  Please don't talk to me about whom "you all" consists of. )-:

I got it from Definitely check it out!


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