]= Major

this was for may 1, 8:03pm but my ipod decided not to function when i wanted to post it.
Everytime he don't answer his phone for a long period of time (2 days) or he hadn't tried to contact me, I always think he's avoiding me bc he cheated onme n he don't wanna face me. Yeah, something is definitely wrong with me. d: And I'm pretty sure he ignored my call once when I called. And even though I know I have no idea what his situation is and he probably wouldn't wanna be having this effect on me, it still hurts a little. I want him to visit me, noww. And plus, I'm fucking horny. And sitting here with my grandmother's brain and sanity deteriorating, watching us lose her, that doesn't make it any better. My aunt is making me laugh but, I just want my husband.



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