Otay so made this one on April 13 at 7:41pm and again, ipod app stopped working...its so stupid posting this bc now i d g a f about james anymore anyway.  i aint wanna say his name before but i d g a f about it lol.  but yeah.  i confronted him about like stalking me n shit he was all waa waa i love you tally i was like urgh youuuu dooooonttt knnoooowww meeee you were a booty call GAWSH.  anways..

Wtf is up with penises?  Thts all I got to tlk about.  This nigga J.  He played me.  He told me he aint have a girl and that he wanted me to be his girl.  This bitch got his face all up n thru her myspace n a pict of them kissin AND her display name has his name in it, preceeded by “Mrs.”  Wtf.  Plus he a hoe.  He said it was gonna be hard for him to go 3 weeks w/o havin sex.  Ugh and this is when he single.!  He fuckin get on my nerves n I regret so much the things I did.  Now he gonna jerk thinkin about me like every night.  He told me dts how often he beat his meat.  Ughh!  Whatever.  Hope he stop tryna hit me up bc I recently cut him off for good; I don’t have time for his bull and I am sincerely sorry.  But it’s all good on ma end.  I’m bout to pound like pussy in ds fuckin school (end though I don’t wanna go back) and I’m bout to be my love’s Mrs.  I swear.  So fuck wit it.  Blaaaaaaaahh.


Oh Yeah:  Im on Twitter now.  So wasssuuuuup!  Tweet at a bitch!  =D



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