Urghhh and such

My stomach hurts my teeth have been killing me for the past 2 hours and I want my baby really badly.  Well the last one, I always feel that way.  Today, in history 1st pd, this kid Kyle who likes commercial rap a lot, he was singing Turn My Swag On and OMG Gerald is alwayssss singing that and me and Kyle understand each other’s taste in music, so when I looked at him really weird, this other kid was like “What?” and Kyle was like “She hates Soulja Boy.”  And I was like nooo, and I smiled to myself thinking about my baby.  [:  I know, I got it sooo bad.  But anyway, I’m listening to his song right now.  Co Star by Day 26…we both really like them but yeah this is his song idk why he likes it so much but I swear iTunes just selected it randomly from this playlist I have.  Now Say it by Ne-Yo is playing that song is the SHIT to play in the shower with the lights off wooooot that’s hot right there.  And now it’s on Crazy I like that one too…I just like Ne-Yo a lot he’s great.  Gahhhh my flippin teeth yo!  I don’t have much to say but a lot of stuff I have to post on here has yet to be posted d=

I lost my geometry book grrr.  I have like nothing else to talk about since I just have hw on the brain and such.

I know this post sucked big fat booty, not the PHAT booty, which is pleasant, which I have.  :D



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