did you knoww

My Girl by The Tempations is not the original?

Otis Redding was named 8th greatest singer of all time by Rolling Stone, he re-recorded Try a Little Tenderness in 1966 which was originally recorded by Val Rosing and then followed by a thousand others...and he wrote RESPECT yeah the one by Aretha Franklin.
He's very Ray Charles-esque just more on the bluesy.  <3333
Lol the websites of alll Chicago & Georgia singers that emerged right after jazz started to die down (yeah I think jazz has definitely died down, it's obvious, no matter how much people ahemMichaelBaisden say it is still alive.  Idk about in the Chi and i wouldn't be surprised if it is still very alive in some parts there but yeah hardcore jazz is not in the NE part of America today I WISH)...they all look the same.
and while i am on the blues, i like bobby bland's version of Georgia on My Mind better than ray charles's.



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