i forget what song

"Okay okay okay. So now the guy's working for Jay-Z. Any problems?; he can go to Jay-Z. Trouble writing a song; he can go to Jay-Z. Beef with his label, with his rappers; he can go to Jay-Z. But now the guy's gotta come up with Jay-Z's money every week, no matter what...aint sellin any records? FUCK YOU, PAY ME. Oh you want me in your video? FUCK YOU, PAY ME. No one's comin to your shows huh? FUCK YOU, PAY ME. And then what do you do? When you can't borrow anotha dolla from the label, you can't sell anotha single in stores? You light a blow the joint."

I just enjoy that quote.  And theres good club-bangin'-esque music on this myspace.  New playlist for my party of one parties lol.


cbb899f0-618a-11e0-9082-000bcdcb471e said...

That's the beginning of "Rough Riders" by DMX I think. :)

Miss Fiasco said...

Really? Well thanks lol (:


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