Is this hard to read?

So I was just in the shower and I was thinking about this situation that I would find really sexy.  One day, after getting my hair straightened like a white girl’s, I want to go in the shower, or even in the rain, and get my hair wet.  Just soaking wet and then, if it’s in the shower, I want to lotion up and put my jammies on, and just let my hair set, wet.  I just think it would be so hott.  Some white girls do it like every night.  I do it when I have braids.  But it’s not the same, bc my hair is not full.

You would think that I want to be white, and I say that jokingly sometimes, but I don’t.  Nothing against them or anything; I love all people.  But I’m proud to be me.  I hate saying “I’m black.” Or “I’m 15.”  Bc I feel like I’m labeling or defining myself as one specific stereotype-given thing, and I’MM not anything but Autumn.  Or whatever the heck you call me.  :D  Anyways.  I’m proud to be ME.  Bc I’m darn special.  (=  …And if I were white, I wouldn’t be able to do all the cool things with my hair that I can now possibly do.  I love that about my hair, when I’m not fighting with it on a day to day basis.  d=



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