I am in a Rick James mood as of late. God he makes me feels uppity and good about myself. You wouldn't expect that bc his lyrics don't have deep substance like I normally like, but I'm liking what I'm liking nucca. Like Mary Jane, Give It to Me Baby (le duh), Love Gun, High on Your Love: One Mo Hit, and I think that's it; they all been running through my head like MAD during the past 24 hrs. [: Gimme some more Rick James, bitch! I was sitting in my geometry teacher/mom's classroom during lunch listening to the songs and my class started to come in. I sang a little of Mary Jane, and my friend Geordan looks at me funny. I was like you don't know that song. He nods n says yeeah. I was like it's by Rick James. He goes "who?". And I lost respect. d: Then, bc I was in bitch mode, I asked every race in the class (WHITE d:, black, hispanic, more white, more black and such...I forgot to ask my Vietnamese friend...she's quieter.) if they heard of Rick James. everybody except my friend Alicia knew him. I was like that's cuz she lives in a box. So she was semi-excused. Isaias, who I had a crush on half of frosh year, I asked him (hispanic) if he knew rick james. His response: bitch? LMFAO Everybody who was cool, they understood the reference n laughed. <3. Ima go shower n blaze me some drug-lovin Rick James shazzle yo!



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