Damn the kitty cat's tired...

says LL Cool J.
Okay now that i got you wet, let's dry that on up and watch the Neighbors Know My Name video.  So I knew about this song since the summer, when Trey dropped the title in this blog interview...idr specifics but I remember him saying it was gonna be a song on the album.  Mind you I've been heavy humping Trey's weenie since early summer, when I heard the Anticipation mixtape.  He just was so amateur before that.  Now he is strictly on his grown R. Kelly shit.  I don't give a damn how much people say he sounds like R. Kelly nowadays either, it is the truth so that's that.  Anyways, I bought the Ready album the week it came out.  Just to let you know how heavy I am humping Trey, I don't buy albums like that at-fucking-all.  First of all, I have to respect all aspects of the artist to give them my dinero.  Like personal life, musical content, morality, all that shit is taken into consideration when I'm handing out what is ahem ahem "due" to the artist.  So on top of that, I got the shit the week it motherfucking came out.  I don't be buyin A DAMN THANG on its debut week.  I just pre-order my Lupe payables, and unless Mint Condition or Silk or a decent Keith Sweat come-back is due, fuck I'm rushin to get an album for?  So yeah...and Ready was on heavy rotation after I got it.  Now because of the fucking graaaandness of both Anticipation and Ready, when this nigga releases videos, I am expecting nothing-thefuck-less but the latter is what I receive.  Okay Invented Sex had that super hot girl in it, but it was really not great.  I mean Trey if you gonna give us a sex tape, go all out and give us the damn sex tape.  I can almost guarantee that no one will complain.  But that whole teasing shit, that is ruining the song for me because when I play it, I am having full out sex in my head.  But you giving an amateur pre-sex porno with the song does not do a damn thing for me.  & as for this new video, idk what I can say about it.  I don't really like red darling.  Maybe you should just stick to the R. Kelly moo-sack.  The end.



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