Gibby is way worse than a dead fish!

So i keep getting to a point in my head where i'm 5 flickers of my thumb away from calling my ex. So i decided blogging would be a less resentful use of my time. Who misses my lists? Oh right, no one. Because no one reads my blog.
1. You go glen coco to the holocaust museum in being ridiculously successful in exhausting 100% of its visitors. You go, glen coco!
2. I'm sorry for not actually blogging and just giving formspring fillers. I'm coming to terms with my current position of a footstep away from isolated depression. This is the third time in 6 years and I really hope i grow out of this recurring theme and dont have to go through it the rest of my life.
3. Forgiving is so difficult. Its the one trait i wish i could have from conservative christians. But then, i dont even like relationships like that so im way to lazy to fully forgive. I rather X you out of my life for good. But who is going to birth my children then. Stop fucking up my plan & vision, Blue. I'm the only thing you will ever need humping your peen. Every time i'm hostile towards you, i cant stop thinking of it and thinking longer than 5 seconds starts the faucet.
4. You ain't gots to lie, Craig.
5. I have a new boyfriend named Snow Days.
6. I'm representin Queens, she was raised out in Brooklyn. & Doin it & doin it & doin it well. Idk why i connect to raunchy songs like that, but yaaaaaaaas.
7. There's a meeting in my bedroom by silk. Nobody by keith sweat. Tell me do u wanna by ginuwine. Say it by t-pain. Sorry, i really had to.
8. I love male voices. I'm pretty much having masculine vocal withdrawals. No onee ever calls me anymore and i'd spend less time crying over skanks humping Blue's peen and crying while music sexing to sweet love songs that i feel are hopeless & will never happen to me if someone did. Mind you this happened over a month ago.
9. I really like Blue. Like aside from loving him, i miss him because i appreciated his presence & conversation a lot. But thinking of him now makes me cry. When i talk to him he makes me so happy and then the thought of the humpage lingers and i lash out. I just don't have anyone else to blame this on, sorry Blue.
10. I highly recommend watching True Life: I'm Happy to Be Fat. As long as you aren't homophobic, in which case this is so not the blog for you.



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