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Andrew:  At first, I thought he was irrelevant & an introvert that had too much of a voice.  Some introverts just really don't need a voice and that's when he got to saying plain dumb shit.  Then, he pissed me off with his comment on racism.  "...but I'm not a racist.  I like basketball. You can't be a racist and like basketball.  chuckle chuckle, ha ha" Something along the lines of that message is what he said.  Moving on, my next thought of him was that he's just a virgin who wants to experience sex really badly, so he's looking for it which is very awkward.  Honestly, I'm not very interested in this guy's plot or story.
Ashley:  I need to add her to my list of people that I would rather pull my hair out than listen to speak.  She kind of reminds me of a mother; she always has to know what exactly is going on, and she always has to analyze situations.  For her, there is always a clear right and a clear wrong, and she will attack the wrong and defend the right.  From my observations, there is not always a clear right nor wrong, especially when you are not a part of the conflict in the first damn place!  But people like Ashley need  a cause for everything that happens, just like mom's always need a cause for why did this happen & how can I fix it.  Quite annoying because unfortunately, the world is not that clear and there are grey areas.  I also really don't like that she wants to have so much attention from Mike.  It's just plain dumb & it would behoove her to stop being all in his business if she "doesn't want him at all."  Which brings me to that talk she had with Ty, discussing Mike.  Complete bullshit was pouring out of her mouth and that is the end of that story.  She needs to get her opinions straight and calm down because I found her opposing her previous statements and that's not cool.
Callie:  I don't feel much about Callie.  She looks like Randi from SYTYCD.  Maybe she needs more purposeful camera time.

Emily:  I see myself in Emily.  When I was like 12, I was mentally exactly like her.  I can relate to her background and views more than anyone else in the cast, and I really respect her.  I only don't like that I believe she will break Ty's heart if they continue their current relations.  But if she really did spit on him, wtf were you thinking?

Erika:  She seems okay to me, but that whole listening in when Josh was in the confession room or whatever, that was not cool with me.  Trifling.

Josh:  Sexay!  I did not know Puerto Rican and Italian mixed together would make such an attractive peen.  His wardrobe doesn't make me go quite apeshit though, but he has such a beautiful face.  Aside from that, I'm actually glad Erika moved out of their room because I hate when the cheating goes on and I can see him heading down that road.

Mike:  This one is very interesting.  I felt sympathetic when he was getting attacked by Ty at the first dinner because despite your personal beliefs, attacking someone because you don't have compliant beliefs is just dumb and disrespectful.  I also think he needs to talk to Ashley and just establish their relationship because they are clearly on two different pages; she can't even accept that he's bisexual and she's attracted to him.  My gay-dar/somethinain'tright detector was going off as soon as he introduced himself because...sometimes you can just tell.
Ty:  Though I can see eye to eye on where Ty is coming from in developing his POV & faith, I say he was in the wrong when he expressed it that night.  I really like how open he is though, when he was talking to Ashley about their relationship and all.  She just couldn't frickin handle the truth and she gave up.  I swear she reminds me of a mother.  I like that Ty is pretty melancholy all the time, and I hope he doesn't just go off at some point...some of them already kind of give him the side-eye in that house.  But like...I wonder what life he was living before he came to the house?

Side-notes:  At some point, a female said in reference to Andrew "Who would have sex with someone in a panda hat?" or something similar to that message.  Wtf?  Slap a panda hat on my boyfriend and ask me if I care.  Trademarks make me jealous though, since I don't quite have one.
Another reason why I adore Emily:  when them girls were listening to Josh's confession, she was the only one minding her own damn business, I think.
I'm so glad we have so many characters this season who question God's existence.  Was it smart to throw them in with the same crew that goes apeshit for "Praise Jesus, Hallelujah!" is the question.  With all the talk of religion right off the bat, you can tell it will be an issue later.
I like how Mike was describing sexuality.  It is a characteristic, not a definition.  Preach!
When they were getting ready to go to the gay club (first I was jealous, but it didn't seem like much fun), did I hear Andrew right when he said he wasn't a pretty woman.  That nigga would make a gorgeous crossdresser if he just through a wig on and got the female essence right.  I square to bob.
Okay when they were at the gay club, anybody catch how uncomfortable Mike looked dancing with that guy?  It looked like their peens were touching each other's leg.  Wtf?  How is that pleasing?  Personally, if you aren't rubbing your dick on my clit, I'm lost as to what your purpose is.
Emily's sister reminded me of my mom; completely worried about appearance.
Okay remember when they were all mega cock-blocking while Andrew was tryna get some?  That female he was with...she made a fool of herself by talking, but the next morning when Andrew was telling them girls off, I feel like if I let girls get the best of me, I would've said and done the same things.
Filarious when Emily's sister asked if Ty was gay or bi.  I could've choked on air lol.



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