I Ought to Get Girlier

...wouldn't more girls like me then?
Just kidding, shit me if I'd ever change myself.  But you really do run into madd complications when your friend crowd is the same crowd you're attracted to.  It's stressful & draining.  When I have any sort of problem with people, I automatically withdraw.  I just don't talk to anyone & I read a book in most cases.  
Currently reading The Canterbury Tales.  It's so very annoying though, because now that I basically have the people that I talk to talk to, I have to keep in touch or I'll further screw myself and bring more altercations with people.  I'm introverted & it's just not my nature to tell everything that is going on in my head.  When I'm asked to do that, my mind basically runs away from me and I can't think straight.  When you have kids, fuck an extrovert.  You really don't want your child to go through the social problems that introverts have.  & Another thing; people are so damn judgmental.  You fucking mammals always have to classify each when extroverts walk into a room, they group everyone in the room into classifications in their head.  But if you are an introvert, your classification is not clear to everyone until they give you the opportunity to express who it is that you are.  Whereas extroverts broadcast their persona immediately and you can always tell what kind of person they are.  You definitely cannot tell what kind of person I am without talking to me.  You can't even tell who I am after talking to me for like half an hour.  Which is why I really hate ASSumptions.  When people make ASSumptions about me, they are always the fuck wrong.  That shit is annoying. & I know it is weird, but I don't like the statements "I am..." or "She is..." because the verb "to be" is infinitely defining in most cases.  So if you say "Tally is "pensive/weird/quiet," you're limiting me to that one a person, that is not all that I am.  You can't perfectly fulfill that phrase without saying "Tally is...Tally."  Feel me?  It's just something in language that really irks me and a lot of the time I find it offensive.

This was not even supposed to be a long blog but I still have more to say.

Back to the genderonium topicals, it's very annoying having all penal friends.  It seems like the only time penii respect me enough to gain my friendship, they also fall into like with me.  And it is flattering & fun when I am single, but Bob-forbid if I ever start to like someone; they will all act a fool & abandon or abuse our initial friendship.  Idk what would ever happen if I became a lovey dovey girl.  Because I really do not talk about my lovering life with my friends.  I mention the person just as I would if we were only friends, but I don't go on saying how he said my lip gloss tasted like butter, when it's completely irrelevant.  So it's not like I'm shoving my relationship or potential relationship in nobody's damn face, they are just peens and testosterone is all grrr.  It's very annoying.  Get ahold of your damn self and stop being bitchy.

I shouldn't have to chose between friendships & serious relationships and my friends should want me to be fucking happy.

I want to change the song every Monday but I fear I'll run out of coolness?



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