I faked it.

I have never.  Lol I'll slap a nigger if he expects me to.  Bitch you better work it out

I can't stand the fictional concept that is race.  I feel so dumb when saying words that I cannot define.  & Shit me if I know what "race" is.  And don't be checkin for me.  Fuck you think it is?
Isn't it the most annoying shit ever when Person A says "I'm not racist, I hung out with a (insert "inferior" race here) last night." or "One of my best friends is (insert "inferior" race here)."  Personally, when I think of my friends, their physicality is a secondary thought.  Just how when people think of me, I don't want them thinking about how I look.  Remember me for who I am as a person, our experiences, or some shit.  If you're gonna be like "Damn she was skinny, but you seen that phatty?" then I rather you don't even bother remembering me at all.  Just that you think of your friend's race when you need to support "the truth" makes me think that you're a little funky.  Why is your friends race the first thing that pops into your head?  And on top of that, I believe that if you are not doubting yourself and you can accept that the person doubting you is just a dumbass, you wouldn't even have to waste breath defending yourself.  It's a dumbass; why bother?
Do Caucazoids truly not understand how much dumber that makes them sound?  I mean really.  C'mon son.

I really do despise when niggers come in the movie theater.  I don't give a fuck if our ancestors was brothers, bitch.  Shut the fuck up and get Caucazoidinal in public places.

Who gon' check me, boo?



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