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Dear Love,

I am writing you, as i always do, and epic long comment that will hopefully make both of our days=))))
so as Nivea so justly put "Ima give you 25 reasons why im really in love with you"....and ima make all the hoes jealous when i do (i remixed that) haha.

Twenty-Five Reasons Why Tally Has My Heart(lol <3)

1. you talk my crazy ass out of doing stupid things.
2. you're sexy as HELL (omg, shut ur mouth! haha).
3. you have to be the most realest and genuine person ive met on here ( and you're one of the few people on this planet who knows me best).
4. you forgive me for my stupid actions.
5. tu eres la mierda<333
6. out of all of my friends, i know that no matter what...if i was crying one night, ud find a way to stop my tears.
7. you're one of the most dedicated people (TO ANYTHING) that i may ever meet; are you sure "Successful" wasnt written for you? =)
8. i seem to always disappear and i regret that, but im fixing that really soon.
9. you've made me feel simply blessed for knowing you.
10. you've put up with my shit for almost a year now (HOLY SHIT, OUR TWIN-A-VERSARY IS COMING SOON!!).
11. you call me your "dime bitch" (looks to the left in awe).

12. somehow, when ure down...u make me wanna come kidnap you and rescue you from your stress (even though that's gonna be HELLA gas money! haha)
13. you speak your mind, and your mind is brilliant=)
14. you know what type of person i really am, even though half of the time i dont =P
15. you make me think about you all day everyday, and i bet you dont even know it (well you do now! lol).
16. you listen to me ramble about random shit at all times of day (i dont even know how you put up with me).

17. sometimes we have the most funn convos ever; and i still remember about 99.9% of them (HELLSHITFUCKDAMN TALLY!! lol).
18. we agree on a million and one things times infinity (most of the time, lol).
19. i secretly call you an old soul, because i think you're full of wisdom and are very wise for your age =) (you're cute too! *looks to the left and points: who said that?!*)
20-23. are things that should be said privately between us. lol.
24. you hold a special place in my heart that will never be erased, misplaced, or forgotten. (as if i can forget u bishhhhh, lol).
25. i love you because you're simply you.

thank you for being the one person who REALLY asks me how i'm doing during the day, and the convo doesnt just jump from me to you. i appreciate everything you've done for me...and most of all te amo<3

Love Always,

~Danielle a.k.a your twin~

Ps: it took me forever to do this bc i had to rewrite it 10 times. lol


It makes me feel nice that ahem even though we're bitching really heavily right now ahem (I'm doing about 96% of the consistent bitching), she can be at peace with all the good things that have come from us being friends.  But it still lurks in my head, and I don't understand why she would say I don't care about her.  I normally don't directly display shit with the people in my life...names and all, save Gerald.  But I was inclined, especially since she's one of the three bee-swax-itches(copyright of Danielle) I even fuck with.



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