Despite the high cost of living, it remains popular.

People have frequently told me that I have a problem taking words too seriously. I don't think it's a problem though. Clearly, you are saying what you are saying for a reason. Why else would you say it. But really, for me that only applies when we're speaking in seriousness. And by we, i mean I. I'm a goofy person but i do like to debate. But that is different. I'm talking about an argument where you are offending me. If you say something disrespectful to me, or something purely to upset me, I always remember it and i will damn sure keep it in mind every time we speak in the future. Yes, i hold grudges in every some form. I always remember conversations and arguments with people, basically every single time we've talked. I have never lost my sense in a argument, or said something I did not mean. If anything, i've slipped up and said one phrase when i meant another. But that only occurs when I'm not familiar with said phrase...and i'm not regularly ignorant. But that is the language thing, clearly. Because i don't say things i don't mean, it's beyond me that a person can do that. Why else would one say it? And typically, if the answer is not "because I meant it," it is cruel or malevolent.
All in all, I take words seriously. & to be frank with you, i don't think that is a flaw.



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