Have you heard? Obama is asking moms to return to school.

Now, to relevant things.

I forever loved this song, filarious shit.

Blah blah blah, let's talk about my slow ass dumb-people classes.

Chemistry I Honors-Okay so it's not dumb or anything but shit me if it's not hard. It's okay though, with all the extra credit and shat, I should do as well as I wanna. My teacher is so fantastic, she’s always telling us about her life and stuff and she’s a lunatic. She teaches hard shit really well and she uses analogies that MAKE SENSE and can actually help you understand the real poop. & She relates to use and recognizes that some things are difficult and takes that all into consideration, even though she’s been studying this stuff for over 40 years. She’s like a little over middle aged and she’s so much fun…kind of admirable, and she has her PhD and stuff. Her class is always a lot of fun and then I have her twice a week for neuroscience too, and that crap is dense as shit and she makes it easy peasy. She tells us to call her by her first name…and she’s actually best friends with my history teacher, who is my bff. OH and the fantasticnessness never ends: she always has fruit in her class and when we meet in the mortings she has hot chocolate for us. She makes my stress level disappear. I talked to her last year about biopsychology and college and stuff, and then she organized the whole Women in Engineering trip that I was chosen to go to (because of those bomb ass science grades beeeetch), so I was semi-familiar with her and her awesomeness before this, but having her as a teacher is so much more jizzful…I didn’t think that would occur though, because she used to just teach the more advanced chemistry classes (II & III & AP) and bio-nutrition and I was not planning on taking those. But now that we only have one concentrated chem teacher, she teaches all the chem classes so that’s a huge YAAAAAY for everyone taking chem this year. Everybody who had Ms. Chong last year: you were dumb for not taking bio. End of story.

HAVE YOU HEARD Demi Lovato’s Every Time You Lie! Fantastic, just like her voice. I feel like if there was a modern-day Jackson 5, they would sing songs like that & that’s the first thing I thought of when I heard it. Listeeeeen!

Ain't nothin to a pimp girl, play with ya

So I have shat to do & thangs so I’ll finish my classes and everything else later. I just felt like I was being neglectful.



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