Bet Your Bottom Dollar, I Saw

The Cleveland Show & the new Family Guy & American Dad!

Once upon a time…
Anyways, today in my Service:  Hospice & Healthcare class, I wrote something I’d like to share with the class (: well kinda.  We talk a lot about our feelings in there and my teacher told us to write about our perfect day (because some families try to recreate that for whomever is dying).  Everyone else’s perfect day was either a list or a paragraph with like 8 sentences at the most.  But after teacher said that she wasn’t collecting it, I decided to go all out with mine & not hold back…also not giving a shit about grammar or structure.  I finished like 5 minutes ago, but in class I had more than half the page filled.  I just wrote while everybody was talking about the movie we watched, Tuesdays with Morrie…I recommend it, if you like deep movies that fulfill you in the odd indirect way.

Ummm in case you were hungry for some deep-y shit, let’s share with the class some of my favorite quotes from the movay:  “We must love one another, or die.” and “Death ends a life, not a relationship.”  & The last one makes me especially happy.

I would begin my perfect day waking up from a sleep of 15 hours (I’ve done more).  My phone’s batteries would have a full life(lives) and my iPod would be charged as well.  Ummm, don’t judge me, full batteries make me happy!  I’d go to an 11am brunch with my friend, Blahblahblah, and we’d get a huge meal to share.  We’d walk back to our apartment and talk & crack jokes about people we were passing.  (Have you tried doing that in Manhattan?  It will brighten up your day so much and it is the best fun ever.)  When we’d get back home, we would mess around a little and then just lay around, maybe I’d watch tv or my favoritest people on YouTube.  After a while, I would head back out and go to an arcade with my friend, Ladeedaa…preferably Chuck E. Cheese.  We would eat pizza after I crushed his ass in games and got useless trinkets with my tickets, and later I’d go back home to Blahblahblah.  But when I would open the door, he’d devour me & give me his body, promisingly.  After taking a shower, I’d write some people letters…people who have grown to have a special piece of my heart.  Maybe I would call some distant family members or have a video chat thing with someone.  I would go out when it got late, and me and Blahblahblah would go to gay nightclubs and what-have-you.  I’d buy him some drinks and have sips (of his) to see what they taste like.  After getting tipsy-ish, we’d walk somewhere (IHOP) for breakfast while giggling in a drunk fashion and then home, to fall asleep on each other, half dressed (or fully dressed in partay clothes).

My Perfect Day



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