ugh, cassie.

Will i ever be able to respect you?

Why is the beat on Kiss Me (1) so similar to Destiny's Child's T-shirt (2)? Huh boo? Tell me.
& I looooove T-Shirt. & That beat is so simple & deep.
This version of Kiss Me has different vocals & scratching, but you can tell the heavy similarities.
Cassie's fucking records are only good for choreography. Eeeeevery choreographer like loves her songs' beats. They are really challenging though. I made something to What Do You Want (3) though, a long time ago. Aaaand you could make something ridiculous to Ray J & R. Kelly's Me and You remix (4). The cut below shows the difference from the original...everything after the cut-off is just the same.
(1) (2)



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