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I like this font.

If you have yet to listen to Trey Songz's Anticipation and you like modern slow jams, I heavily suggest you download it. That's two different clickables (so far) so you have NO EXCUSE, hoe. Basically, if you still love Usher's Confessions half as much as I do, you should get this. They're some catchy, deep & sexy tunes and it's like the most mainstream R&B mixtape of this year. I still need to listen to Sammie's though. But no matter what that kid puts out, I'm always gonna remember him as that little high-pitched kid in the Hardball music video,

when Lil Zane sucked but he looked delicious.

I swore that kid was yummy. That movie was so damn good. But the name of his mixtape is Swag N B. Like Rhythm 'n Blues, but Swag 'n Blues…I'm not too sure how much I like that though.

Now that we're on the topic of mixtapes, Em's Relapse should have been one. It sounds like a ton of freestyles. Some are catchy though, like We Made You & Insane. But essentially they all sound like freestyles which is something I typically like of him and The Game. But not so much in an entire album…it sounds really unprofessional and I'm glad I didn't pay for it as a whole. You can get the tracklist here and the tracks…I got them all here but I have an account.

1. It's easy to find, but I'm not gonna put a link for downloading Confessions. You should pay for that shit.

Lol when I was looking for a link to listen to it, the first playlist was missing a song and I caught it. That's ridiculous. It's 21 tracks on the damn thing. I should not be that familiar with it! Lol.

2. Lmfaoooo in the description on imeem for La Toya Jackson as an artist, it says she's "possibly the least-talented sibling in the Jackson family." She was like any forgotten 80s pop singer! There's plenty white ones. It's just she doesn't have the expected talent as a Jackson. But not everybody can be Janet <3333333

I love his videos.

3. Omgomgomg. I was searching for the Hardball music video on YouTube and I came across a playlist titled Tribute to Bow Wow pt 2…are you kidding me? Lol I was one of the groupies when I was like 10 who though Bow was gorgeous, but seriously…he is not the business. Just the tattoos are kinda scrumptious. [;



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