10 Things

1. I really hate when I give Weezy a try & he fails. Lemme go change the song playing. Oh Rick Ross raps like he from Alabama. If you listen to this song called MIA by weezy, he completely disses New Orleans. Such bitchassness..I mean I would stick by Brooklyn & rep it til it's left in ruins. God why does he breathe so much on his songs? Lol.

2. I have a 2 dollar bill that I keep for good luck. But I always wonder if an establishment would turn me down for trying to use it.

3. I would make a bomb ass housewife…or roommate.

4. I like guys that work out and can throw me around and junk.

5. I find it dumb when people try to dictate others' blogs. Asshole; you don't have to read or advertise it.

6. I used to get into fights a lot. My logic was if you're too dumb for me to argue with and you are offending me, I'ma beat the shit out of your ass.

7. People take my presence for granted and act like I'll always be there for them personally. I reassure them.

8. Doesn't it disgust you that swallowing cum means you are swallowing someone's babies? Yeah..

9. Male artists' music about a girl always makes me think of a specific guy from my past.

10. Wayne's mixtapes suck as a whole. Undeniably..

11. I have strong motives when I first get to know someone who is uninterested in me. It always works, unless they're naturally an asshole…in which case I lose interest in knowing them. (:

12. It's very hard for me to look past a person's looks. It's one of the things I can't stand about myself. The only thing that will overrule what I think about how you look…is how much you respect me.

13. Plies & Rick Ross are probably the only southern rappers whose voices do not turn me on. Wayne, T.I., Joc, even DeAndre Way. Did you know his ass was born in Chicago…and he stay reppin ATL. I guess because of that accent. But I would much rather repping the Chi because of…THE BLUES…and then you know…Ye & Lu. & His ass is also a 90s baby. Ugh. He should be kicked out of the club lol. Anyways, Plies's voice is just so damn annoying. Like he makes me wanna shoot his ass in the eye just to shut up. He raps kinda like Cam but I can't appreciate his shit because of the damn voice. Did you know his name is Algernod? What the fuck? Oh lord…I'll be good but I could continue on that name for days.

14. I used to be infatuated with Bow Wow…then when all the girls hopped on it, I found Michael Ealy. I swore I would get with him. (= I had that picture all over my homework book in middle school. He is just so yum. I only put the link because if i put his face, man i'll jizz every time i looked at my blog. & so will you. We can't have that, now can we?

15. I've talked about this a lot with other people. But I wish I had a gun near my bed. Lmao I really hate when people wake me up…it's just so damn irritating. & When they do it, you can argue n shit, but then your ass will not be going back to sleep in peace. Now if you had a gun near your bed, as soon as somebody comes to wake you out of your sleep, you can just shoot they ass. Nice and easy, no fuss. Lol until later when your ass goes to jail.

16. I don't ask for much in a guy and I don't settle. Just compatibility and fun.

17. I have a heavy problem with breastses. -No typo.

18. Everyone from Brooklyn who goes to a college besides Kingsborough Community College goes to Morgan State. It's kinda annoying. Ugh; I really like the colleges in GA. But I don't wanna go there at all. It kinda bothers me that there are no HBCUs on the west side of the yousah….(USA)…yeah thank my sister & The Fairly Oddparents for that pronunciation.

19. I really hate when people bring drama or unhappiness upon themselves. Either your ass stops complaining to me because I don't play that, or your ass gets happy. I mean i really try to help. But honey, i'm not making myself crazy over your wanting-to-be-down ass.

20. If you are my friend, don't flirt when you're talking to my significant other or potential significant other. It's very clear who I'm talking about. I let this shit be known and I will claim a nigga. But if you flirt, your ass is dead to me. It's simply bitch, boo, bye. (= Plus it's not cute. He don't even like your ass. He thinks you're crazy and he hates when I leave yall alone. You fucking asshole.

21. It bothers me when people write "ya'll."

22. I get into fights over music. What makes you think I won't lose a crappy friend over it? Exactly, bitch.

23. I'll never call a guy daddy if it's not in person. Why do guys like that so much in txt?

24. India Arie <3

To leave on a good note:

(: He's my favorite comedian…I watch this whenever I'm in a crappy mood.



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