this'll be crappy sad and personal.

I'm done with you. I hate you and I miss you already. it sucks when they were so good that they make their mark so hard. I shouldn't even be hurting this bad. you proved it to be true and you did it to yourself. some ugly trick..really? aren't I worth more? hit on somebody pretty, not a baboon faced vag who you put on a pedestal. "oops I bet you thought that I didn't know. what did you think I was putting you out for?" - ne-yo 1. you chased her and put her in the same trance I was in before you got me. you liked that I didn't initially dig you & i see she's doing the same shit. what the hell is your problem? I gave you so much. how didn't I satisfy you? nigga do you know me? do you know how many want it? 2. you broke me. again: this ugly baboon? really. & blame us not talking on me? when I asked if you were single, you flipped. I didn't hear from you for how long? and you said some things that were grimey in the least. exactly. nigga that was not my fault! I did not push you away. you threw a fucking tantrum. and then you called me days later..and said not one word about it all..and asked if I would call YOU back? nigga for what? call up the damn baboon if she is so worth it! so I say I have nothing to say to you. I'm the one that abandoned you? nigga fuck you. & let me know if she can do it like I can. 3. why would you be so good to me..only to fuck up so bad? idk how you're gonna fix this one honestly I don't. I don't put up with infidelity and idc what you wanna call it. my mistake for not laying down my standards and what you can or cannot do. I love you & I miss you. please grow up and call me then.



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