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Okay so with all the hoopla from Michael Jackson passing away, I was a little upset by how so many people were just celebrating his genius and contributions to music and entertainment. I was an mj lover myself, but I have my moments where I just need a certain artist to satisfy me and comfort me…I needed mj when I needed Gerald but he couldn't be there, because mj always cried in some of his songs that comforted me the most. Speechless, She's Out of My Life, Break of Dawn, Butterflies, You Are My Life, Got to Be There, and the Jackson 5's version of I'll Be There. You can tell that Invincible was my favorite album, for hard times anyway. I'm glad that when he was here, I kept the positive view of him alive around me, but I don't want any of my musical heroes or idols to leave me before I can at least try to express what their music and respectively, their person means to me (as I ignorantly perceive it).

I'm not gonna go in order of importance because I'll end up forgetting people, even though I know that I will do that regardless. I'm just gonna say folks as they come to mind.

Janet Jackson: Okay so I'm a huge fan of Janet Jackson because of how she holds her own as an individual & a black woman, her stamina, and her fearless crave for innovation. I got into Janet Jackson when I was around 9 when I saw a special of a concert she was doing and I was just so inspired. She is a woman about her business, and she's not afraid to be Janet. When I was in the final stages of being comfortable in my skin (meaning everything about me, not just my race), Janet Jackson was my idol because I saw myself in her in so many ways. I respect her greatly and I love that she doesn't hold back her sexual being, she doesn't try to change her soft voice, and she appears to hold her own (supporting herself) even when she has a man by her side. Those are the ways that I see myself in her. I'm so grateful that she is, because without Janet Jackson, I wouldn't have been comfortable with myself the way I am today. Out of all of her thrilling albums, I would say janet. is my favorite because it was when she first started to come into her own skin and show that Janet Jackson to the world. <3

Ne-Yo: Ne-Yo is one of my favorite songwriters, and his voice absolutely makes me melt. & uh…rain (: I can't even put into words why I love my Ne-Yo so much…his music just makes me dance and be happy with everything I have and cherish & want my relationship. Ne-Yo is definitely a prodigy in my eyes; he never stops working and I admire that, and then everything he gives us is a hit. He never loses his spark and every album has been better than the last. With artist like him whose albums (the first 2) are so sexual, it's more of an intimate experience listening to them for me, so I can't say anything else. But I greatly appreciate all that Ne-Yo gives to us and that he dedicates his life to perfecting everything he does.

Beyoncé: Personally, on some days, looking at Beyoncé is what keeps me going. She drains her talent and gives everything she gets out of it to the world, and that keeps me giving to people. & Beyoncé never stops! Jay has to force her to take vacations, and once I get a grind, I want to be like that; constantly working at it and making myself fully useful at all times. I appreciate Beyoncé for being such a strong beautiful woman, and doing it for the ladies. (= <3

Lupe Fiasco: I'm not gonna make myself cry. Lol. Lupe showed me first off, that underground artists can be so talented and powerful. Lu showed me how beautiful praising can be, and believing in something greater than us. Lupe taught me how to take religion and practice what I needed to to help myself grow and believe and be beautiful. Lupe showed me to never stop, and to always cherish my life but still help those who are less fortunate. I wouldn't be as giving or heavy on gratefulness if it wasn't for Lu. Love Always Survives. Every time. Remember to SMILE!! I would be lost as far as faith if I didn't have my Lupe. & I'm thankful to be able to see what he is doing, that I gave him a chance, that he does everything that he does, and to receive his messages.

Charles Hamilton: I'm just so glad to have his music. Basically, he taught me that you can manipulate anything into helping your talent and making beautiful things. I'm not gonna discuss my heroes' music that much, just how they've helped me in life, and Charles Hamilton has enforced my belief of impossible being possible, and I thank him for that & making a great rap about everything ever. [: I reference him in my head all the time, every day.

Prince: This one is gonna be impossible. Prince is just a huge idol to me. I thank my Prince for showing me that you just have to put your foot down for some things if you know it is for the greater good. & that has helped me so many times when I've needed to come out of my shell. I admire Prince for coming from a not-so-healthy household and becoming something amazing, showing me that I could do the same. I admire Prince for making fucking so beautiful in song lol. Impossible is possible! I admire Prince for always having faith in himself and teaching me that when you know you've got something good, you can't let anyone tell you or make you believe that it is anything less. I thank Prince for teaching me that it's okay if what you are wearing doesn't look the same as what everyone else around you is, because you'll get more coverage anyway. (: I thank Prince for teaching me that you don't need physical comfort to keep you going when you know that it is somewhere in you. <3

Usher: I almost forgot about you. You're one of the few artists that I actually grew up with when I was younger. By this, I mean I had every Usher cd when it came out. & that's still true today. But besides the great immature music I starting liking when I was little, I mostly want to thank Usher for helping me accept my sexual drive and sexual feelings. When Confessions came out, it was like Usher's first album where he displayed what pure sex was and how beautiful it could be. Confessions helped me say that what I imagined of sex was okay. I was close to my Usher because of growing up on his albums, so to hear it from him really hit home for me. I mean I'd heard songs about passionate sex before, of course, but it was different coming from my Usher. That's What it's Made For, Do It To Me, Can You Handle It? They all hit me with a great umph. I was so happy he sang this album the way he did, and I listened to it every day for a really long time. & to this day, I still love Confessions because of how it hit me when I first heard it, and when I replayed it over and over after that. Thanks, you're a beautiful artist.

I know that I don't know most of these artists personally…that's why I say my " " sometimes because it's who I perceive them to be from what I know. All of these artists have at some point pin-pointed exactly how I feel about something, and I admire them for that too. I couldn't put the songs now because there's just too many. I mean, Prince has a thousand albums lol. & Janet Jackson is right behind him. I know that most of these artists won't personally know what they've done for my life or me, but I wanted to thank them and make sure what they did for me was kind of known before it is too late.

And yes there are pleeeeenty more artists who I'm crazy about, but these are the ones who have impacted my personal life & persona the most.

(so far)

*this post kind of upsets me because there's so many d*ad people i want to thank too.



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