so am i supposed to be attracted to this? because i don't grind with dudes like that.

did you see how he told bow wow, omarion, and day26 and whomever to "come and get it"?....ummmmm! it's like the
most homosexual thing ever, really.
at first, i was just laughing. and then, i kept laughing. lol. i mean, it's cool if your stroke game is like that buddy,
but this is just a little odd. though that is some cool baby-making music.
and that tongue thing; lmfao. what the hell? you don't do that unless you making homegirl scream nigga. lol. or i
mean if you like licking penis then then too. it's not for the internet to see.
and how he's grinding the AIRRRR. wtf? embarassing. and touching on himself and's very homosexual. lol.
and before you call me a biased ignorant bitch or anything, i also find it weird when girls in pornos and such be
licking or rubbing their own tatas. thats fucking homo as well. and this dude gets turned on by touching his abs! he
started biting his mofo-in lip! lol.
briefs are cool and everything and i am the most open-minded person ever, though i do prefer taking boxers off a
dude. that is just me. that's not why i think he's acting a little sketchy. but how he was turning himself on and
everything, that's what made me think he's acting gay. that and calling out them males.



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