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Oh gosh this song Kissing You by Beyoncé it makes me want to cry though I don’t think I actually ever have when listening to it.  But anywhom, Seduction by Usher just went off on my playlist and it reminded me that that album was really just phenomenal.  No doubt about that.  But, it is pretty annoying that he’s singing about cheating on his loyal girlfriend.  I mean really.  That sucks!

Half the time he is talking about how great the sex was, and how it was sensual at that.  I mean you can imagine that he’s talking about sex with his actual girlfriend, but then there is always some part of the song where it’s like “damn, I have to get back to my girl now” or something, reminding you that he’s not.  But yeah, half of it is how sensual the great sex was with this groupie.  And then, half of it is like “baby baby I love you so much idk how I could do such a thing.”  Like, are you serious?  Really?  Dumbass.  I have heard that hey Halo is on now I can kick some serious ass singing this song you have got to hear me (: he even did the album to win back the gf he had cheated on (I guess I can just say Chilli now) so really, how can you think you will win your girl back if you sing about how much you need her and are sorry you made a mistake, but ALSO tlk about how great it was when you tapped homegirl?  And what bothers me as well, is that Chilli TOOK HIM BACK after that…whaaaa?

Why do males in music always think they will get the girl by saying some like two-sided line?  That bothers me.

“I know the last time I said it was the last time.  But baby all I need is one more last time.” -Day 26 (I think it’s brian), Since You’ve Been Gone


Okay and why is "doing the nasty" called that?  I have got to tell you it is much more pleasant than things i would label "nasty."



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