Making me grr and such

i completely just lost focus and babbled by the end of this xD

I simply cringe when people use the word “ard” in like im convos or anything really it is just so annoying bc by context clues you can tell it means “alright” and I just looked it up at urbandictionary one of my favorite funny sites.  Supposedly it originated in Philly which is probably why I been hearing so much of it…my school is really close to Philly so to all the cats at my school, Philly Is like they second home.  d=  But it’s annoying bc they so oblivious about NYC.  It’s just like an hour and a half from my house so it’s like 2 hrs from the school but they like never go there and its sooo much better than fcking Philly.  What the heck!  One time this kid was guessing what state I lived in, bc I used to live in Brooklyn (when I got kicked out my mama’s house) with my brother but still go to school in NJ and make the commute every morning through public transportation…but I was supposed to keep that factoid relatively on the down low bc if the school found out I was living in a different state they could pull mucho taxes on my scholarship program and the money there is already tight so they would not be havin that.  But yeah.  First this kid guess Pennsylvania.  Of course.  Some of the kids at my school do live there.  It’s a half hour away, just like my mama’s house.  And then this nigga had the nerve to guess Delaware.  Like WTF?  Delaware houses are about 2 hours roughly from our school and New Jersey does not even associate itself (as a social whole) with Delaware…politically, geographically, or socially.  Even though it is a part of NJ’s tri-state area I believe.  I get NJ’s n NY’s mixed up.  But yeah…Delaware is as foreign as Washington state to NJ pretty much.  So I was like omg.  You have go to be kidding me.


All the Brooklyn headssss stand the mother fuck up.  [=



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