Just gross dogg.

Okay so I just looked up “da da doo” on urbandictionary love that shit woot but the grossest shit came up really.
I was looking it up bc you know in I think it’s Mrs. Carter well in Wayne’s verse he says “now all my bloods scream su woo n da da doo” yeah well I know what su woo(p) is bc i’m just well-educated in bloods god I have fucked with some hood rats but I’ve never heard of “da da doo” but according to my research, it’s not anything anyway.  d:
Anyway, the definition was like soo gross for a “slippery doo da” I think it was called and like yuck even if that is animals doing that, that is disgusting.  And I don’t even find dissecting a lamprey or the way female spiders eat their mate if they don’t get to steppin as disgusting as what was described in that definition.
And i think it's hilarious that weed is defined most popularly as 
God's gift to the world. Brings peace when used wisely.
I'd rather keep all the brain cells i have though; thanks for the offer.
…Is it weird that when I say “research” I sincerely mean anything from eye surgery to new music artists to viral defenses for my biology essay?  Well, I think learning is learning and I’m well rounded so I’m constantly looking up shit.  In illegitimate and legitimate sources.
Grrr I got a b- (supposedly) on my history WWI essay that I worked SOOOO FUCKKING HARD ON but my teacher also told me that my description for my assigned person who lived through the depression was like phenomenal and she was impressed.  And like…that was an in-class assignment which I DO NOT take seriously I mean really while writing the damn thing, I was reading this book about Ronald reagan’s presidential term AND playing with this cool adhesive; both of which I had found in her room which is like the coolest place ever for an American-history nerd.  d=  Which I have become, because her class is so dang interesting.  I really love it, but I suck in the papers we write.  Urghhh like I really put some effort into those test essays (it was made of 4 essay questions) and I got a fucking b-.  She likes me too.  She always wants me to do better and wants to meet with me to bring my grade up on stuff.  But like, im tired of doing that.  Sometimes I really don’t understand what im doing wrong and I just wish I did bc I’m really passionate about the subject and I’d like it to show in my grades.  I’ve gotten 2 bs and a b- in her class.  We’ll see how this quarter goes?
A buncha kids in my grade who are on the same bus were absent today.  I mean we did have a bio test but it was easy it was like a quiz of Discovery channel documentaries.  d=  I betcha they got swine flu n school's gonna be closed in my whole county tomorrow.  hahahaha!



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