My Thoughts on What I Been Thinking

There is a segment on a radio station with that title.  So silly.  (:
     Anyways, while my family was in the car, my mom and my sister were discussing the Grammys.  My mom was explaining how she thought it was ridiculous that people praise the inordinateness that is Lady Gaga but apparently, Cee Lo Green's ensemble was comparable to Gaga's typical attire and people mocked him (allegedly...these were just her thoughts).
     I have yet to watch the Grammys (maybe this weekend) but I could definitely relate to the point my mom was making.  The media/people get fixated on liking one person or one type of "strange."  The media is entirely unfair and in turn, success in entertainment seems plain old sporadic.  We have heard tons of stories about astounding artists who were turned down earlier in their career, but everyone doesn't have the success that they later have.  For example, my favorite, Lupe Fiasco, is entirely underrated without reason.  As far as rapping, I think he is on Kanye West's level of genius and plenty of Lu-knowing fans, bloggers, and artists agree.  Why can the media only accept one or few types of abnormal?  There is virtually nothing you can do to ensure acceptance and success in entertainment.  Everyone knows a story about someone who is pure genius but no one knows.  This is just annoying and I'm disappointed.



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