It's Because You're Beautiful

I literally hated everything about this video except the idea.  Maybe it really is because she fired shots at Beyoncé within just a year of being a solo artist, but I simply cannot get into this girl.  Nevertheless, I read the video's description I got excited.  I thought the idea was cute and I was prepared to share this creative Keri Hilson production with my grandmother.  (We recently bonded over black history and whatnot at her Kwanzaa celebration.)  So then I hit play.  And I was immediately turned off.  (Haha get it!  Her song Turnin' Me On...?  No?  Okay.)  But anyways, I disliked every single scene.  My least favorite part was when she tried to emulate Janet.  I don't think I like that when anyone tries to do it, even Beyoncé.  Keri, you are just not cutting it.
No, it is not because you are beautiful.  You're gorgeous and I like that about you.  I simply dislike anything you try to share with the music world.



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