Green Light

I honestly never knew there could be this interpretation of the song.  I always thought it was Beyoncé just sitting spread eagle like "Come on and take me, you've got the green light."  But now that I'm going through what I am, I think it's different.  Especially tying it together with "I gave all I could give; my love, my heart.  Now we're facing it from what you did from the start, my love."  Someone messed up big time (maybe got too comfortable and wasn't grateful any longer?) and Bey is like get to steppin!'re holding up all the other good dudes trying to get at this.  And thank goodness...I was getting seriously fed up with slow depressing songs about guys messing up and girls getting hurt.  Beysus made it upbeat and even empowering...all the while whining over the dickhead.  Amazing, folks.

For some strange reason, you're done pleasing me like it's okay.
Like a perm that's been left to long, you start to burn...the result is it just won't take.
I can it's all coming so clear to me now.
I can see, misinterpreted all my naiveness.
Was just thinking if I had no you, that I can't stock just went up over 2 million.

Ain't no problem, you can go.  I will find somebody else...go right out, move alone.  You got the green light so you can go.  You're holding up traffic.  Green means go.



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