Yes I Deleted My Formspring

For those who didn't witness firsthand, my formspring started to rape my blog in the butt.  It was that bad.  When I'm done having a diva fit over its tantrum, I will restore & re-link it up so you anonymous peasants can start harassing again.  I love it, but I wish you would be my friends un-anonymously too!

& A side-note, if you feel so moved to excite me and actually leave a comment on a post, I set it up a while ago so you have to click on the title of the post, then scroll down and voila!  There is your portal.  Why, you ask?  Because I just thought the OG comment format was messin' up the feng shui.  Lol (:
I haven't been feeling too moved by anything to write up a good blog so if you have an idea that you think I would slay, drop something or e-mail me!
One last favor:  go to cazrethomas.blogspot.com, harass him, and tell him to come back to life.  Thanks.

I been in a relationship for a month guys! *does the cabbage patch for an hour while eating ice cream*



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