I Suck it So Gooood

Yeah, these niggas wanna buy-i-i-i-I me-e-e-e. –Stolen from Sir Reese
Anybody notice how lonely Ciara has been sounding lately.  On Ride she said how they tryna buy her about a million times…then why aren’t you cuffed?  *side eye
& On the How Low remix she talm’ bout how she make dudes wanna marry her and take her home.  Then WHY AREN’T YOU CUFFED?  It’s like saying you so rich you could buy Oprah.  Yeah, OKAY.
So this female tried to get live with me on YouTube.  She left me a comment & a message cussin all willy nilly and I was like do I know you?  You mad?  I’m cute?  & Then blocked her.



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