It bothers me that black people are constantly referred to as people of color.  Since when is brown more of a color than pink?  Or cream?  Or yellow?  If I really wanted to, I could go around and stick a color on everyone in the world.  So why are black people and Indian people and blah blah referred to as people of color.  Let’s please put more thought into these classifications if they’re going to be the burdens of so many people, shall we?
I think if we’re really classifying based on skin tone, the name should be people of melanin.  Who was the dummy who declared that what makes my skin brown is color?  I’m really upset with you, sir or madam.  Do your research before giving me this heat.  My skin is the way it is because I have more melanin than others.  I own color too, but only because I get excited in art supply stores and tend to buy way too many crayons and markers than necessary but that is not your business!  My color is irrelevant!  My melanin is what you see.



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