Shamrock Farms

makes swell chocolate milk.  For some reason, I was going to say orange juice.  It’s because my brain has been on overdrive.  Sigh.  & It’s not stopping for another..38 hours.  Honestly, I will either be disappointed in myself or some sort of miracle if I sleep between now and then.  On another note, I just watched Ginuwine’s music video for Tell Me Do U Wanna.  You know, when spelling “you” like “U” was fresh and original and cool.  But really people, it's only cool when Prince does it.  End of story.  Anyways, I am quite a fan of R&B; you could say that my taste in R&B is 15 years late.  But I sincerely cannot watch this video without a side-eye or chuckle because of those little routines he does with that silky red shirt & them pants on.  Really.  Chuckles found below.

& Speaking of music and YouTube, if you search Alicia Keys’s Unthinkable, I guarantee that you will find adaptations of her song that will put what you hear on the radio to shame.  I know that is true for a number of songs on YouTube because people are talented & they broadcast & such and blah, but when I heard renditions of Unthinkable online, I actually began to like the song.  Yet in the car when Unthinkable comes on, I don’t object in the least when mama turns the station because we have beef with Ms. Keys. Aside from her being a recently-confirmed homewrecker.



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