I Listened to Confessions for the Umpteenth Time

& It gives me completely different feelings when I feel someway about a certain person than it does when I'm single.

"Game rules:  no cap no cut.  But even Superman wouldn't turn your love down.
I slipped up, slipped in.  Hey man, what the hell you doin?
Raw dog is a never; I know I know better."

Dear Usher,
Love does not require sex.  So really, you could have accepted her love without getting the cut.  &  Judging by the rest of Confessions, it was not love that this club whore was offering.  Also, you don't really slip in.  Sounds like a euphemism for cheating to me...'I just slipped up & slipped in.'...that seems like you're just trying to make the dumb action sound accidental when it actually wasn' all.  You had time to thoroughly think this action through.  You even asked yourself what you were doing while you were slipping.  It wasn't some last minute slip-up.  & If you know you know better, why follow through on a stupid action?  You are rather contradictory.  Clearly, you didn't know better.

The End



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