I Just Want Him for His Dang-a-Lang

I didn't know people still said that but that song is very entertaining.  Except when she talks about getting her salad tossed...ewwwwwwww.
So I just watched 106 & Park for the first time in a looooong time.  I saw the Rude Boy video, and now I know what that guy that I follow on Twitter was talking about with the wind or whine or whatever that Rih Rih does.  It is quite entertaining.  But that video can basically be seen as a graphic designer's dream or a lap dance.  That is all.  What kept me so entertained aside from Rih Rih's dance moves (throwing her vagina in our faces and attempting to pop some bootay) was not the colors, but the phrases that BET chose to bleep out.  Honestly?  We're gonna bleep out "can you get it up," but every other innuendo, which is basically every line of the song, stays?  And Rih Rih, who are you effing with that can't get it up?  I mean geez.



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