I put my tongue like this, you cum in 5 seconds.

Lol I will never forget him saying that to me. I felt so violated but I must admit after all the dumbo weirdo freakazoid things Braids said & did & SHOWED on Thursday night, I did feel a little tinglay in the clitorial region when he said his mouth was watering cuz he wanna eat mee. I wouldn't let him even if I could but, ahhh. (: That's the sexiest thing ever. Anyways, did anyone see Jennifer Lopez on SNL? Omgg BOTH her damn performances SUCKED. I have a musical ear, but normally just for instrumental/intonation mistakes or mishaps. And my ear is very open to different kinds of vocals n shit. And although I never heard the songs she performed, I could just tell her vocals was FUCKED UP. She sounded horrible, her voice cracked MULTIPLE times, and it was the only thing that didn't blend with her back-up artists and band. Maybe it's because I always back it up for the band, but I find it very unlikely that that many people messed up continuously. It was just her. I'm sorry J. Lo, stick to the Mommy/Wife thing now I guess? Fail.



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