It's pretty convenient to have someone to call your boyfriend just because you feel like having a boyfriend. (:

My left hand's middle finger knuckle has been hurting all day and I have no idea why. I've made it a point not to sleep on it or anything and it still hurts.

I'm now a sometimes wear-er of mascara and eye liner! It's pretty exciting. & I didn't poke myself in the eye once...yet.

Okay all have seen Precious by now, right? Well I saw it and I was so uncomfortable. Half of the script sounded like a joke, mocking Precious's character. Like you could quote half of the things Precious or her mom said and I would crack up. Like you know when one of your favorite friends is on the phone with you imitating a fat guy orgasming from a hamburger and you can't stop laughing, that's the kind of thing Precious quotes remind me of. So that's my first issue. I was trying to take it seriously and characters kept saying the funniest things that maybe weren't supposed to be funny.  Okay the other thing that bothered me was that everythingg Precious's mom was saying to her reminded me of things my mom says to me alllll the time. I'm pretty sure some of the things she said were direct quotes. That really made me uncomfortable. & Then I started thinking how the ridicule I get is so close to the same of what Precious got. Like her mom never had anything good to say, she blamed all of her troubles on her daughter, and she lied to her daughter, telling her all of her inabilities. Ring any bells? & I know Precious was raped and everything, and she had 2 kids, but the movie just had anything that could be going wrong for a girl at this time and put it into one character. That's pretty unrealistic. And last, I have no idea what the message of the movie was. They put screwed teenage girls on blast, but what was the point of all that? The ending was all abrupt and confusing as to what the future held, and I completely didn't connect to the message. All those damn nominations and I still missed a basic purpose.



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