describe your type of guy

easy for me to be around & attractive.

i just dont want a guy that doesnt put a smile on my face. & normally it's not that hard, just being funny and interesting/not very normal. [:

i find a lot of different kinds of guys attractive, but basically two different kinds in general. the tall guy with gorgeous arms & a six pack, or the guy that just doesnt have a normal body type. lol i've been attracted to chubby guys and the limp ones that look breakable too. but mostly i like faces. if i can look at you for longer than 30 seconds without talking or whatever, it's cuz i like your face lol. and that's really the most important thing with appearance. i like when guys i like look back at my eyes, and i get annoyed when a guy tongues me down just because i'm looking at him for a second. i rather just stare at your face. [=

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