Clock the tea, clock the tea. How we love to clock the tea.

I really don't have much to say about the second half of the video. I each his or her own opinion.

At first, I was kinda feelin what he was saying, but then I was thinking about gay people that have have had a hard time establishing themselves. Qaadir says that once you have found yourself, it's not necessary to shout to the world exactly what your findings are. But I feel like some people act one way until they figure out who they truly are. & If you have the people who love you thinking that you are straight up until you have a sudden revelation that you have been gay all this time, I think you definitely should share that. I mean...if one of my friends realized that he/she was gay, it would be weird for him/her not to tell me. I'd probably even say that he/she is not comfortable with it yet, and that's why he/she didn't tell me.

Also, this nigga takes 340983204 hours to say bye every video. What the faggot.



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