Why would he make calls out the blue?

...moving on, let us shop.

Why are you advertising jeans from the back & the only model you could find has negative ass?  It actually sinks back in.  Tsk tsk tsk...

Does this seem remotely attractive to anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?

This looks sexy as hell.  Too bad you would have to be in that same pose 100% of the time in order to look good in it.  |:

I love Marc by Marc Jacobs because everything just looks so delectable.  I hate him because he's a greedy, filthy rich bastard.

Idc what event it is for, or what article of clothing.  Anything that shiny should be illegal.

And that is all.  Don't wish me luck, wish me sleep.  That's what I need.  ):



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