*sigh, sniff*

What are you wearing? 2 layers. i'm having some type of body fever issues. i keep getting chills.
What do you hear? qaadir
What color socks are you wearing? white & orange and white and red slippers
What websites are currently up on your computer? youtube and blogger
What is your favorite color? ew.
How are you feeling? that whole i d g a f thing
Is anyone in the same room with you? negative
What is your current favorite song? would you mind by janet
Are you texting/talking to anyone? fucks no
What book are you reading? what if everyone knew your name
Have any homework that needs to be done? nah
What's on your television? american idol on pause
Do you have a crush on anyone? fucks yes. not really. i wish i did
What CD is in your CD player? im not sure.
What does your hair look like at the moment? long..
Are you wearing any makeup? hahaha! fucks no
Is anything troubling you? i wish not.
What are you thinking about? fuuuuuuuck. leave me aloneee |=
Are you currently on Myspace? negative?
Why are you taking this survey? to get things out.
Are you cold or hot? both! fucking annoying
What's the weather like outside? scary
Are you wearing any jewelry? no?
Are you drinking/eating anything? negative
Do you need to go to the doctors for something? probably.
How many lights are on in your house? too fucking many. these niggas clearly don't care about my grandchildren.
Do you have an itch you can't scratch? you mean a nigga i can't slap?
Why are you in the room you're in? because i love it
Are you in dyer need to take a shower? lmfao no
How about to shave your legs? nah i'm good on that [:
Are you daydreaming about anything? i was. but more like nightmares & things i hope are not true



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