"I Don't Get Dropped, I Drop the Label"

Lol he's so bad.  & You know he will always throw shade at Dame on every album; pure niggerdom.

Anyways, hi blog. (= How are you? How was the holidays?
I hate that they are over now, and after this weekend, school is here, but the whole New Years celebration is rather nice & refreshing to finish off all that resting with.  Too bad my ass still has two papers to write & some other shit I'm sure.  Actually, I can write 2 papers in less than 3 hours so it's nothing, I'm just being lazy.

Ouch my tummy hurts! ):
:O) this one looks like my nose.
:o) this one look like a clown nose. isn't that stupid & backwards? lol

I been wearing my retainer two nights straight! :O) Who proud?

So I was thinking about new years resolutions yesterday, and I was thinking what should I change about myself, to please my morals more.  Because my mouth & I disappoint myself nearly on a daily basis.  My new years resolution for '10 is to stop acting like such a brainiac.  New Years normally isn't a huge deal for my personal self...just another party time & people performing on the telly.  I don't even remember any previous new years resolutions I might have had lol.  The main turning point for me every year would have to be the end of the school year because I reflect and set goals for next year.  & if not that, then my birthday because I reflect on everything new I've added to my life & what mistakes i've made, yadda yadda yadda.
I actually try to stop my brainiacness quite often, I always tell myself: "I'm done, no more of that shit. I'ma just shut up." or something like that, but I always let the latter take over my chatterbox.  I seriously act like a know-it-all. I'll take the little bit of information I have, and twist it to something huge an most likely false; just an ASSumption.  & I really should stop. It's not comely or my idea of morally correct.  I would ask what's everyone's resolutions, but no one comments lol.  Sometimes I want people to comment & help me |: but then sometimes I'm like fuck to the hell no, no one can ever see this shit. lol (:



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