Wrong Mind

to be blogging. But I have things to say?
Blue and I have been having fun and being sappy and things but I miss things between my peen friends and I. In a perfect world, I would pick Blue and embed the location of my clit in his brain, and force all my peen friends to maintain our former relationship. )= I just feel like shit because not a damn peen in my circle can express their actual feelings, and all i get from them is anger. But you niggas need to practice what Jay preaches. Hurry your ass up and make it clear how you actually feel. Boys are so cold and mean when theyre annoyed or upset or something. Like's the ugliest thing ever. You must not really care about me. And never did and everything was a lie. I'm so sick of that. Just come to terms with your feelings. It makes everything so much better for everybody. I'd like to think i haven't been just wasting my time, and that I am a worthy somebody to you. Idk how im going to get through his. I really love the few friends i have but they are all pushing me away and making me fight with tears to stay a part of their lives.
I used to get annoyed with Blue because we didn't hang out one-on-one and he seemed like a real prude. & We know im a sex maniac so that shit clearly was not flying. But in short, we've worked waaay past that. (= (No, we still are not sexing.) But yeah that was the only thing wrong with his sexy self. We could not waste that body, oh no ma'am. But now, i'm seeing how Blue is very rational, too rational. I like to have a major plan but have everything in between be spontaneous. Blue rationalizes everything. I'm kinda primitive with relationships; as my man, I'ma need your ass to always take up for me. Unless its outrageous, you know. But with little disputes with my twin and stuff, you need to just agree with me. When no one is playing for my team, i need you to. )= But Blue will side with whatever's rational. It kills me sometimes. Especially when it's a dispute between me and another female. I can shut up and deal if it's a negro. But nigga is you crazy? You're supporting a bitch instead of me? Oh no ma'am. We're not officially together officially officially yet, but when we are, that shit is not flying. Unless im wrong by some facts, you have to be on my friggin side. It feels like youre picking her over me..overall. Not just with this little dispute. I know its dumb..its the estrogen in me.
My ex has been contacting me and my contacts. Talk about embarrassing. He's doing anything for my attention and it's like really? You need to just dead that. Oh thats another thing. Blue's rationalizing ass told me i should talk to him so he can get closure. I've closured up that jigga near 10 times and clearly he just wants the hard way. I dont need you to rationalize nigga i just need you to be on my side.



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