"He is really articulate for a black guy."

MTV, you and your attempts to appeal completely slay me.
Love, Tally

Her booty looking all types of saggy & celluliteful.  (: I love some Nicki though.
"Ayo, I was on the plane with Dwaaayne..."

One of my favorite Christmas movies is coming on todaay!  A Carol Christmas (:

I'm not gonna look it up, but one day i was thinking about the word "primate"...I always think about the bases of words and everything, and I started thinking about the word "primary/prime" too.  Primates were scientifically not the first life forms to roam the earth, so it made me think of prime as dog and stuff.  So basically, my daze made me conclude that whomever put the word "primate" together...he/she thought his/her shit don't stink.  We are the dominant species just because of mutations and things that we have that enable us to advance a hell of a lot.  I just feel like humans are so full of themselves.  Boo you are not that distant from a chimp.  & When you are a few weeks in the womb, you look like a pig.  Thanks honey, goodnight.  (=


Kimani S. Howard said...
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Kimani S. Howard said...

is it just me, or is mami in looking bad in this picture right here lml
i dead didn`t even read ya post yet
my attention was stolen from the gate lml
*gone 4 now


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