Between a hard rock, a tongue and lips, and a hard place.

Friday is reallyy way too recent to be blogging about it, but I will. Blue came over and things. We didn't even get to watch spongebob. |: He actually turned my tv off lol. Okay so fast forward and everything..we didn't have sex, which was all on me of course. I basically have him on lock like fort knox..not to be rude or anything, but where we go from here is my decision. I didn't expect his body to say so much to me..Like when a kid opens the best present up for his birthday and he tears it apart..can't wait to get his hands on it BUT he's gonna take good care of it for the rest of forever, that's what Blue's hands & lips said to me. I was amazed. From the first kiss, he was saying how much he wanted me & just...attacking me. I was in shock & for a while, i wanted to tell him to calm down. I didn't think he would be that intense. You know what i love though, that he's on the same page as me..just he says we were showing love to each other and i wanna really make sure that that's true. I know it's weird that we've been talking for a year and he's liked me for some time but we just kissed. I've always found him orgasmically attractive..and he is a very good boy..when he's not trying to please me like he did. He's so skrong & sexy..laying me down and picking me up. Dear bob have mercyy. & How he is talking to me afterwards is just the cherry on top..and that he is having the same feelings as me, just probably stronger. I was practically devastated when the hard rock came into the picture..ugh that was not what i needed at the time & that was not his intention..but things happen and rocks are washed onto shore. I didnt taste it or just happened and stuff.



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