Yall Niggas Crazy

I'm sorry I didn't make three, bitch it was my birthday.

Anyways:  How the hell you expect me to watch not only the 25 Days to Christmas thing everyday, but the Countdown to 25 Days of Christmas too?  So I'm just gonna watch you count down to the countdown?  Bitch, boo, bye.  Really, that's just dumb.

So Thanksgiving is probably gonna be the best day ever.  For the past two years, this weekend has somehow gone wrong for me but idk how something truly can go wrong when Lupe is releasing a mixtape where he's cutting on basically everyone we're getting tired of/embarrassed by ahemKanyeahem.  Actually I don't think he'll go in on our favorite nigger, but I can dream.

You say you like my bag and the color of my nails, you can see that I got it goin on, uh uh.

"Autumn, why you don't talk?" ....What's that thing people say?  Oh right; story of my life.



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