Last Week of Q.1

Pray for your favorite blogger & wish her good luck. (:

So, did you see last Sunday's Desperate Housewives?  Bomb!  But ewwww did you see when Katherine was raising her hand to volunteer for night watch, that disgusting abnormal elbow!
I can't find a picture.
Anywhom (you would not believe what I almost said by accident.  I itch when people's tendencies start growing into me.), you should watch it.  It's kinda weird how Edie is still in that picture, but she's dead.  blech
I can't wait to watch tonight's which I watch on the west coast channel at midnight. Or the next morting since I'm a sleepy head & drift off.  & Then wake up...quite annoying.  I can't sleep normal for shit.

Gabby:  Someone isn't getting blanked tonight!
Carlos:  Fine by me, I blanked off earlier.




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